A phenomenal crumble created with high standards. 

$65.00 / each



The perfect addition to any bowl! This potent hash will have you wise in The Force, you will be!

$50.00 / each


Death Star Hash

Medical attributes are listed on all packaging. Each vape comes in a full 1.1G with 96% THC.

Will the real OG of vape selection please stand up? ... *spoiler alert* we're standing. 

$65.00 / each


Infamous OG Vapes

Master Kush and Lemon Joy married in a slow-and-low vacuum purge resulting in a diamond-like substance principally made of terpenes! 

Is it worth it? Let me Terp it! 

$70.00 / each


Lemon Kush Terp-Diamonds

We can attest, this 96% THC vape will have you feeling "like a slice o' butter meltin' on a big pile of flapjacks"

Sold in a 1g cartridge.

$65.00 / each


Pineapple Express Vape

Introduce yourself to Dr. Pepper Shatter! 4 Gram 1/8th's.

Smoke a bite to eat! 

$50.00 / 1G            $100.00 / 2G



Calling all rosin lovers! This item is lab tested at 72% THC with 2.8% CBDa. 

$65.00 / each


White Widow Rosin

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